Traceability Suite Add-In for Enterprise Architect

More Traceability to Your Model

What are the differences between modeling tools and diagramming tools? One of the differences is that diagrams by the diagramming tools are just a group of pictures, but diagrams by the modeling tools connect information with traceability. The Traceability Suite Add-In extends your Enterprise Architect models by adding more traceability.

The Traceability Suite Add-In provides your better traceability working on Enterprise Architect.

Enterprise Architect has various features related to traceability. But in some cases (especially Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) with SysML), more conditions or combinations of traceability are required.

Initially, we (Sparx Systems Japan) have offered special traceability Add-Ins to Japanese Enterprise Architect users. Now we offer the Add-Ins to worldwide users as the Traceability Suite Add-In. The Traceability Suite Add-In works best for SysML models, but you can use the Add-In with any model.

Latest Release: Version 1.5.1 (7th September 2022): Release History

Typical Case Why Traceability Suite Add-In is Necessary

We use Activity diagrams to find and clarify Blocks' features (i.e., responsibilities). In the Activity diagrams, Blocks are placed as Partitions, and Actions on each Partition are features of the related Block. There are no 'connectors' between Actions and Blocks, so Enterprise Architect's built-in Relationship Matrix cannot show these relations.

Our 'MatrixEx' in the Traceability Suite Add-In can show these kinds of relations.

Minimum MBSE

We wrote an article, 'Minimum MBSE,' which is an example of usage of the Add-In. For detail, please visit the Minumum MBSE page.

Brief Summary Video

(6m10s, with an audio explanation)

Please tell us if you have any questions about Add-In features, requests, bugs, purchases, etc.

The Traceability Suite Add-In for Enterprise Architect contains the following 3 Add-Ins.

  • MatrixEx - supports more complex conditions, enhancement view
  • Traceability Map - show traceability graphically, including diagram placement
  • ElementUsageEx - better usage investigation, especially for many Classifiers and Instances combinations like SysML models


MatrixEx offers extended features of the Relationship Matrix feature of Enterprise Architect. There are many enhancements, including:

  • Show package structure hierarchy
  • Show multiple types of elements and connectors
  • Show alias of elements
  • Show number of connectors in each row and column
  • Specify two or more packages from the Browser window by drag and drop
  • Save as Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.
  • Support complex relationships
  • Hide part of elements/packages
  • Create/delete connector by double-click, save changes at once

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Traceability Map

Traceability Map offers a graphical view of the Traceability window of Enterprise Architect. You can open and extend any branches as you want. When you select an element on the map, the element is selected in the Browser window, and all windows like the Properties show information about the selected element.

You can customize which type of elements/connectors are traced in detail. You can choose types defined in MDG Technology (UML Profile). You can select types for upper/lower direction separately, too.

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ElementUsageEx offers extended features of Enterprise Architect's 'Element Usage' feature. It works in the Add-In window, so you do not need to close/open switching target elements. Furthermore, this Add-In can find more usage than the original feature.

  • from a Trigger, find Transitions in StateMachine diagrams
  • from a Signal, find Actions in Activity diagrams
  • from a Block in SysML, find all typed elements like Ports and Parts, even though they are inherited elements
  • when you select an instanced element (e.g., a Lifeline in Sequence diagrams), the Add-In shows information about its Classifier

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System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8.1
    (The language setting of Windows must be any language except Japanese.)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 or later
  • Enterprise Architect 14.0 or later
    • All editions of Enterprise Architect are supported.
    • Enterprise Architect's 32 bit (x86) and 64 bit (x64) are supported.
  • eap/eapx files, qea/qeax files, feap files, and SQL Server are supported
  • for Floating Licenses, one of the following servers is necessary
    • Sparx Keystore Service v2.3 or later - only when you do NOT use the Group feature of a floating server (i.e., you must specify 'AUTHMETHOD=AM_GLOBALPASSWORD' in your config file.)
    • Pro Cloud Server v4.2.66 or later
    • Notice: You need an active Enterprise Architect subscription to download Sparx Keystore Service or Pro Cloud Server. Sparx Systems Japan never offers these installers.

Price and Purchase

You can purchase through our e-commerce provider - MyCommerce ShareIT. Purchase links are in the following table. We do not offer any method, including purchasing directly through us.

There are two types of licenses.

  • The Annual Standard License is named user license. Only one user owns each license. You can install the Add-In up to 2 of your machines with 1 Annual Standard License and use it exclusively. For any reason, you cannot change the user of the license.
  • The Annual Floating License is a floating user license. You (and all members of your division) can use the Add-In up to the number of purchased licenses.

Both licenses work for one year from your purchase month. For example, if you purchase on 1st January or 31st January, your license will expire at the end of next January.

You need to purchase the same type of license again to extend the period.


  Annual Standard License
Unit price
Annual Floating License
Unit price
1 - 19 licenses US$ 99.00 US$ 149.00
20 - 49 licenses US$ 94.00 US$ 144.00
More than 50 licenses US$ 89.00 US$ 139.00
order Order on MyCommerce Order on MyCommerce

Please check the installation page to register your license(s).

Important Notes

  • For floating licenses, please double-check if your environment satisfies the requirement and test if you can register floating licenses to your server by using the Trial Floating license. We cannot refund you even if you cannot use the license because of your environment.
  • If you want to continue using the Traceability Suite Add-In after one year, you must purchase the annual license(s) again.
  • If you have purchased Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems Japan, you can use the Add-In without purchasing while your support of Enterprise Architect is active. Please get in touch with the Sparx Systems Japan sales team for details.
  • We will offer the Add-in for both 32-bit and 64-bit Enterprise Architect. Each license will be able to be applied for both architectures.
  • You can see our End User License Agreement (EULA) here.
  • If you have any questions about the Add-In features, requests, bugs, purchases, etc., please use the Inquiry form or email to ''.

Free Trial

If you want to try the Traceability Suite Add-In, we offer free 30-day unlimited use for a trial. Please enter your information via the trial web form. We will send you a trial license key and information for downloading the installer by e-mail.

We will check requests and send the emails manually during our business hours, so it might take some time to be sent. Each trial Standard license can be used by only the user who requested the trial. If your colleagues want to use the Add-In, please request another trial Standard license by themselves. You can request a trial Floating license also.

Please check the installation page to apply for your trial license.

Release History

This page lists the changes of the Traceability Suite Add-In.

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