EA Connector for Trac

Last update: 17-Nov-2015

(About integration with EA and Redmine, please see EA Connector for Redmine page.)

Integration with Enterprise Architect and Trac

Trac is a web-based/open source tool for software project management and bug tracking. Taking advantages of a web-based tool, Trac enables many people via network to have discussions about a topic "ticket" from various view points and to refer the discussions in list form. On the other hand, Enterprise Architect works very well when displaying the base or result of discussions in structured images. With these characteristics, it is possible to utilize the following information by relating Trac tickets to Enterprise Architect elements and enabling them to convert each attribute interactively.

  • Utilize Trac's ticket information in Enterprise Architect
  • Export Enterprise Architect elements to Trac tickets for discussions and publicity

We expect EA Connector for Trac to be used in the following situations.

  • Discussion on Enterprise Architect elements by Trac
  • Information passing on the development items, based on the designs of Enterprise Architect (ticket driven development)
  • Utilize extensively collected Trac tickets to the designs by Enterprise Architect
  • Showing the relationships (TracLinks) between Trac tickets via Enterprise Architect diagrams
  • And so on...

In these situations, EA Connector for Trac easily converts information between Enterprise Architect and Trac.

Summary of EA Connector for Trac

EA Connector for Trac is an add-in to link UML Modeling Tool Enterprise Architect elements, such as requirements, changes, Use Cases, test items, issues, features and tasks to Trac tickets, and then copy the attributes bi-directionally.

EA Connector for Trac is an add-in for Enterprise Architect.

Function Summary of EA Connector for Trac

EA Connector for Trac has the following functions:

  • Exporting elements made by Enterprise Architect to Trac tickets
  • Importing Trac tickets to Enterprise Architect elements
  • Converting the links, which have "#" or "ticket:" in the description and comment fields, to the relationships of Enterprise Architect when importing or converting Trac tickets to Enterprise Architect elements
  • Converting attributes of Enterprise Architect elements and Trac tickets
  • Converting child diagrams of Enterprise Architect elements to attachments of Trac tickets as images
  • Outputting a link that includes a "#", when related Enterprise Architect elements are linked to Trac tickets.
  • Customizable Attribute Mapping
    About Attribute Mapping see Attribute Mapping.


[Setting screen of EA Connector for Trac]

(Things like Trac URL are saved per Enterprise Architect project. User Name / Password are saved per log-in user of PC and Enterprise Architect project.)

[Menu for elements]

[Menu for diagram]

[Menu for package]


EA Connector for Trac feature guide
This document introduces the possible situations where EA Connector for Trac is used, and its features.
29-Jul-2013 Download

Price and Purchase

Prices are as listed below:
  Standard License
Unit price
Floating License
Unit price
1 - 4 licenses US$ 50.00 US$ 75.00
5 - 19 licenses US$ 48.00 US$ 72.00
More than 20 licenses US$ 45.00 US$ 69.00
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NOTICE: Supports Sparx Keystore Server only.


Installer of EA Connector for Trac

Trial Version

  • Download the installer

  • Install EA Connector for Trac

  • Obtain the trial license key
    Run Enterprise Architect. Open License Settings Dialog. Click on the "Get Trial License Key" button to open the web page and get one. (Trial license key is valid for 14 days.)

  • Input the trial license key and Mail Address

  • You can use the following our Trac server settings for trial this Add-in. (Data will be cleaned every Monday.)

    Trac URLhttp://trac.sparxsystems.jp/trac/EnSampleProject
    User Name / Passwordguest1 to guest3 (Password is the same as the User Name)
    Target typeArbitrary

Steps to use

  1. Set the permission for a relevant user of a relevant Trac project so that the user can use XML-RPC.
  2. Run Enterprise Architect and open a project.
  3. Select Main Menu | Extensions | EA Connector for Trac | EA Connector for Trac Settings to set and save the following items.
    • Trac URL (http://<host_name>/trac/<project_name>)
    • User name/password
  4. Select one of the following:
    • Select an element, like a requirement, and then select a desired action from the context menu, Extensions | EA Connector for Trac.
    • Select an Enterprise Architect diagram, and then select a desired action from the context menu, Extensions | EA Connector for Trac.
    • Select a package, and then select a desired action from the context menu, Extensions | EA Connector for Trac.

System Requirements

  • System Requirements of Enterprise Architect (Microsoft(R) Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2003 Server or Windows XP)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or 3.0 or 3.5
  • Enterprise Architect 7.0 or higher (All editions are supported)
    For Floating Licenses, Enterprise Architect 11.0 or higher, KeyStore Manager 2.2 or higher.
  • Floating Licenses Keystore supports Sparx Keystore Server only. (File Based Keystore is not supported.) In the server config file, if option AUTHMETHOD value is AM_ACTIVEDIRECTORYEX or AM_SSKSGROUP, you can not use EA Connector for Trac.

Other notifications

  • EA Connector for Trac uses IE(Internet Explorer)'s proxy setting.
  • EA Connector for Trac uses the interface of Trac's XML-RPC plug-in.
  • We use Trac Lightning 2.5.2 and 3.1.1 and BitNami Trac 0.12.2-1 and 1.0.1-0 to test EA Connector for Trac.
  • EA Connector for Trac includes BTS.Trac/XML-RPC.NET.